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CISM Training and Peer Support Team Development

Stress Management Resources

Downloadable Resources

Check the list below for resources available for download. I will be adding new items periodically. Keep checking back.

Get better sleep tonight

Get Better Sleep Tonight

Find out what rested feels like.

Tips and techniques for creating an effective sleep routine and a calm, inviting sleep environment.

Stress Management Assessments Download

Stress Management Assessments

Stress doesn't have to control you.

Start managing your stress with these assessments and tips for taking back control.

10 Ways to eat healthy

10 Easy Ways to Eat Healthy

Too busy? Don't let shift-work or your hectic schedule keep you from feeling your best.

Fuel your body the easy way.

LE Suicide Intervention Team

The Silent Killer in Your Department

Download your 3-step plan to catch this killer. Suicide. We often hear that word when we least expect it.

Fire Suicide Intervention Team

The Suicide Risk Hiding in Your House

This is the fire services version of the 3-Step Plan to start a suicide prevention protocol in your department.

Breathe away your stress

Breathe Away Your Stress

We respond to the stressors in our lives in many different ways. Headaches. Neck pain. Ulcers. Anxiety. Learn how to breathe your stress away.

Understanding PTSD eBook Image

Understanding PTSD

Download your guide to understanding Post-Traumatic Stress symptoms, treatments and self-care.

Fire Peer Support Team Development image

Peer Support Team Development

A suggested approach to developing a team in your own department. Includes sample policy template.

Overview of Peer Support Programs image

Overview of Peer Support Programs

Learn more about peer support teams and how to put one together in your department.


Caring for one another. It's what it's all about.

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