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CISM Training and Peer Support Team Development

Managing School Crises:
From Theory to Application

A Two-Day Course Designed to prepare for the inevitable crises that occur within schools

An International Critical Incident Stress Foundation Course

Pre-Crisis Planning

Acute Crisis Response

Recovery Strategies

Why Managing School Crises?

Schools are safe but are the people in them safe? This training explores the impact of events, specifically on students and school personnel, and how to best prepare for and respond to them. The primary focus of this training is directed at supporting students, preschool to 12th grade, and the faculty/staff who work in those buildings.

What You Will Learn:

  • The role of the National Incident Management system in the response to school crises.

  • The common reactions to traumatic events and how they can impact functioning in a school setting.

  • The six core elements of critical incident stress management and how they can be utilized in responding to a traumatic event that impacts a school.

  • The formula for strategic planning and how it can be utilized in the school setting.

  • Demonstrate, by participation in group exercises, an understanding of the informational group intervention process.

  • Demonstrate, by participation in role-plays, an understanding of the SAFER-R protocol and the interactive group protocols.

  • Why Should School Personnel Care About Trauma Exposure in Students and Staff?

    • Trauma impacts a person's ability to function in the classroom and to fully engage in the learning process

    • Traumatic events hit people at a primitive level, forcing them into survival mode

    • If we want our students and staff to perform well in the school environment, we need to support them through traumatic events

    But there's hope

    Managing School Crises: From Theory to Application provides intervention techniques that are research-informed and widely recognized for their effectiveness.

    Who Would Benefit

    • School Administrators

    • Crisis Team Members

    • Teachers

    • Support Staff

    • School Resource Officers

    • Any community member who may be called upon to respond to a school crisis event

    Psychological Body Armor benefit

    Course Modules

    Here's a better breakdown of what you'll be learning inside this training.

    Module 1

    Staff Challenges

    This module sets the stage for school crisis intervention. From staff challenges to current school culture, participants will be prepared to learn the skills necessary to support their schools.

    School staff challenges

    Module 2

    Intro to Psychotraumatology

    This module explores the effects of trauma on the primary areas of everyday functioning. It will then expand to look at how children face additional challenges by adding developmental stages to the mix.

    Introduction to Psychotraumatology

    Module 3

    Standard of Care

    School crisis intervention focuses on four primary areas: academic, physical, fiscal, and psychological. Critical Incident Stress Management provides a standard of care that has been included in regulations from Federal, State, Regional, and local jurisdictions.

    Standard of Care image

    Module 4

    Emergency Operations Plan

    This module provides a recommended traditional plan format that can be tailored to meet individual school needs.

    Emergency Operations Plan or Schools

    Module 5

    Crisis Response Team Development

    This module introduces the Crisis Response Team, its roles and necessary competencies.

    Crisis Response Team Development

    Module 6

    Critical Incident Intervention Techniques

    This module provides a comprehensive crisis intervention protocol that can be utilized at any time with diverse populations.

    Critical Incident Intervention Techniques

    Module 7

    Developmental Considerations

    Crisis intervention techniques are discussed as they relate to childhood development. Know what is appropriate care in terms of language skills, attention span, and comfort level with unfamiliar adults. Learn how to care for development stages from infancy to adolescence.

    Develpmental Stages

    Module 8

    Strategic Planning

    This module brings everything together and provides the opportunity to practice prioritizing deployment of resources. This includes the crisis team and its involvement with individuals and/or groups.

    Strategic Planning

    Upcoming Managing School Crises Courses

    Managing School Crises Upcoming Courses

    Dates TBD

    Registration: $185

    This course is can be offered as an On-Site or Remote Learning - Live Training!

    • Real-time presentations
    • Faculty Interaction
    • Small group breakouts
    • Live Q & A

    How to Host a Training

    It's easy and affordable



    We'll take a few minutes and discuss your organizational requirements to determine your best plan of action.



    We'll provide interactive in-person or "virtual" training to give your staff the tools and confidence to respond to the inevitable crises that occur within schools.



    Your school will be prepared to respond to small to large-scale incidents with pre-crisis planning, acute crisis response, and recovery strategies.

    Let's Talk

    Meet The Presenter

    Crisis Intervention Trainer and Speaker

    Bart J Leger, PhD., BCPC, FAAETS, CCISM

    Dr. Leger has nearly 35 years of experience providing crisis intervention, stress management, peer support, training, and consulting services to first responders, mental health professionals, clergy, school counselors, medical, corporate, and industrial fields. His PhD is in counseling with a concentration in traumatic stress. He is a board certified Fellow with the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and a retired first responder.

    As a retired law enforcement officer, Dr. Leger has responded to numerous school crisis events. He has worked with school staff and crisis response teams after school shootings, student suicide in the classroom, and various other incidents.

    With experience in the business sector, law enforcement, fire services, EMS, schools and churches, he is uniquely qualified to provide consulting, training and program development in the areas of peer support teams, critical incident stress management, workplace violence, church and workplace safety, suicide intervention, compassion fatigue/burnout, and many other workforce wellness concerns.

    ... see you on the inside!"

    Dr. Bart Leger Signature
    Bart Leger Image

    Schedule Changes & The Stress Care Doc's Right to Cancel

    Due to unforeseen circumstances, if it becomes necessary to make changes to the schedule, The Stress Care Doc reserves the right to cancel or make changes in course offerings, presenters and session times without prior notice to attendees.

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