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De-escalation Skills for the Frontlines

When crisis strikes, your response matters. This training will empower you with crucial skills and techniques that will enable you to provide effective, empathetic intervention during high-stress situations.

Why Learn De-Escalation Skills?

In our rapidly changing and increasingly volatile world, the ability to de-escalate high-stress situations is no longer just desirable - it's essential. This course offers comprehensive training in effective de-escalation from various perspectives. You will learn recent developments in the psychology of extreme escalation. We will also focus on the mental preparation skills that can lead to effective intervention under stress. Skill based scenario training will be used to increase your confidence in your ability to effectively intervene with those in extreme crisis.

Course Description

This program trains participants in effective de-escalation skills from multiple perspectives. It covers assessing, intervening, and monitoring the effectiveness of de-escalation techniques. Participants will learn about recent developments in the psychology of extreme escalation and focus on mental preparation skills for effective intervention under stress. Skill-based scenario training is used to boost participants’ confidence in managing extreme crises. The program is designed for frontline professionals, including public safety officers, first responders, healthcare providers, mental health professionals, crisis workers, and social service professionals.

Learning Objectives

Students will learn:

  • How to recognize early warning signs of escalation

  • How to recognize signs of impending violence

  • How to be mentally prepared to intervene effectively

  • Verbal De-escalation Techniques – Listening and Responding

  • How to assess the key themes driving the escalation

  • Problem solving under stress and trauma-informed strategies

One-Day Course

Participants will receive an ICISF Certificate of Attendance that offers general Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from by University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) Department of Emergency Health Services Professional and Continuing Education (PACE).

Skill-Based Scenario Training

At its core, this course is grounded in realistic scenario training aimed at bolstering participant confidence to handle high-stress situations effectively.

Unique Approach to Crisis Management

This program focuses not just on de-escalation techniques but explores the psychology behind extreme escalation.

Game-Changing Mental Preparedness

We'll help you hone your mental preparedness – a vital component often overlooked in conventional programs.

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