Relieve Your Stress Symptoms with Progressive Relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation is one of the easiest and most effective relaxation techniques to learn. This relaxation technique has been proven by countless research studies. It teaches you to relax your mind and relieve stress by learning to slowly and progressively relax your muscles, one group at a time. This allows tension to flow away from you as each muscle group relaxes.

While it may take a little time to master, progressive relaxation is an excellent way to relieve the tension you are feeling in your neck and shoulders. Go ahead, give a try. We’ll actually talk you through it.

Because we are not always aware of our own body, many people don’t know which of their muscles are chronically tense. When you practice progressive relaxation, you focus on the sensations of tension in one particular muscle group at a time. You move progressively through your whole body from one muscle group to the next, repeating this procedure.

You can practice this technique lying down or seated in a comfortable chair. Then click play on the audio file below, or save it to your phone or favorite mp3 player.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Things to remember…

  • As with all relaxation techniques, regular practice of progressive relaxation will enhance the speed and depth of your relaxation.
  • Although initially, you will learn progressive relaxation in a quiet place, eventually you will be able to use at least a shortened version of it anytime during the day when you notice you are tense.

Where is your favorite quiet place to practice your relaxation techniques? Let us know in the comments section below.

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