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“The earlier we introduce screens the more it affects the child’s brain development and the more likely they will have trouble managing their addiction to screens and technology later in life.”

Dr. Laura Markham

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How to Limit SCREEN TIME for Your Kids

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What You Will Learn

In this eBook, you'll discover practical solutions to limit your kids' screen time and keep everyone happy.

What's the Problem?

Protect your kids. Most experts agree that unlimited screen time can lead to several issues such as sleep challenges, obesity, behavioral issues, and developmental delays.

Why Kids Loves Screens So Much

Have you ever stopped to wonder why people (kids and adults alike) become so addicted to screens? (Hint: there's a neurochemical addiction involved.)

Activities to Do Instead of Screen Time

Always have an alternative idea in your back pocket. You'll discover many different activities you can do and their benefit for your kids and your family.

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FREE Bonus Worksheet

Weaning your kids from too much screen is not usually an overnight process. It takes time to stop old habits and learn new ones. Get this free worksheet when you download the eBook.

This worksheet includes reflection questions to help you and your family begin the process of limiting screen time and get your family time back.

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About The Author

I love anything and everything electronic. Yep, I'm a gadget person.

So you may wonder why this eBook on limiting your kids' screen time. Good question. It's because our children are precious and we need to protect them from the potential negative side effects of screen addiction.

Kids need to be kids. They need to learn new things, use their imagination, exercise, and interact with others. 

I hope this resource will help you have more time to spend as a family - a gift that will benefit every member of your household.

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